Full moon meditation on June 2: Grass moon

After arriving home from a wonderful holiday on Mallorca, I have decided to simply share last years moon meditation for the full moon meditation today. It is the grass moon and we are in the last bit of Mercury Retrograde, so feel free to use last years meditation to connect to the full moon and your inner growth and inspiration!
Bright full moon blessings

Angel Light Heart Blog

moon%20with%20grass1Time for a full moon meditation on June 2nd. The energies certainly are powerful at the moment. We are once more in the midst of the influence of Mercury being retrograde, which will last till June 12. On the one hand a wonderful time to clear some clutter, finish things that you have been postponing and meeting with old friends. On the other hand it can certainly bring about some challenges where communication, technique and transport are concerned. Many are encountering old patterns and themes that are once again presented to be transmuted. All in all this full moon is in the midst of winds of change as well as challenges

This full moon is called the Grass Moon. The Grass full Moon falls in the period of growth and flowering prior to Midsummer. A wonderful time, when all the grass in bloom. Historically this is the time of the hay…

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